Industrial Materials Processing
using Laser Beams

Knowledge Base and Application
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After many years of research and teaching in the field of "Industrial Material Processing Using Laser-Beams", I now want to make accessible to the public the knowledge I used to spread in lectures and applied science projects. The scope includes different areas from the natural and engineering sciences. For higher education studies, lectures of basic subjects physics and chemistry are offered to this topic further more materials science, technical optics and production engineering. These are available in large part in appropriate textbooks or scientific publications, but with the disadvantage that for every aspect of the various areas of expertise on other sources must be used. Therefore, the content from the various subject areas needed to understand are shown here in a context.

Not only students of laser technology but anybody with an interest in technology and the natural sciences will be able to benefit from a collection of the basics.

Line of Action

The site outline is followed by an index consisting of a more deeply structured table of contents. This allows for gaining an overview of the scope of the basics by merely looking at the table of contents and you will easily find the chapter you are especially interested in. You don’t have to have studied natural sciences in order to understand the content. However, being familiar with the laws of physics and basic mathematical formalisms will facilitate reader comprehension. The laws and equations will of course apply whether or not you understand them.

About Me

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To help you decide if the content of this homepage might be of interest to you, I begin with Current Activities and a résumé of my career, followed by a list of publications and inventions in next chapters.

Current Activities

Currently, I am working on research projects in the field of Applied Laser Technology that are based on my experience in applying optical laws and specifically those that apply to laser technology. I would like to cooperate with interested scientists in order to develop strategies for the production and marketing of new inventions. I am interested in articles in the environment of optical technologies.

Professional Development

Apprenticeship as Material Tester
(Institute for Metallurgy of Iron, RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Testing of Materials
Studies of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
(School of Engineering Aachen, Germany))
Mechanical Engineering
Developmental Engineer of Business Machines
(Philips Central Laboratories, Hamburg, Germany)
Studies of Physics at the University of Hamburg
(Thesis on Laser-Induced Gas Discharge)
Laser-Induced Gas Discharge
Material Science as Research Associate
of Prof. Hans Ahlborn
(Chair in Engineering, University of Hamburg)
Materials Science
Material Processing Using Laser Beams
as Research Associate at BIAS GmbH
(Bremer Institut für Angewandte Strahltechnik, Bremen)
Applied Laser Technology
(Adviser: Prof. Günter Werner, Chair in Production Technology, University of Bremen)
Laser Beam Cutting
Head of Research and Development in Laser Technology
(Dörries Scharmann GmbH (Voith), Mechernich)
Machine Tools
Industrial Material Processing using Laser Beams and Material Science
(Full Professorship at the HS-Emden-Leer, Emden)
Full Professorship